“The sun ain’t gonna shine anymore” by Bill Hart-French

 “As I prepare for a shoot, I tend to be inspired by a particular photographer”, said Bill Hart-French, London-based people and narrative photographer. “It doesn’t always mean that the pictures end up being a copy; just that the artist’s work is a starting point, an initial inspiration.”
The starting point of this story was Corinne Day. “One of my favourite photographers from the Nineties. There is an edge and stark truth to all her pictures. Whether it’s fashion, people or personal work, her work to me is truly inspiring.” Corinne Day died in 2010. “She is much missed.”
Bill has worked several times with London-based Portuguese model Catarina Correia. Their work has been published several times all over the world. “She is one of the most gifted models I have ever worked with – natural, truthful, beautiful, creative and very easy to work with. She was the perfect, if not the only choice for this story.”
Bill has created a new website: “Just Another Story…” (https://www.justanotherstory.photography/). “I have got quite a wide practice and sometimes it can be confusing as to what the focus of my work is. I am probably best-known, however, for my narrative work so I wanted to create a space just for this”.


Photographer: Bill Hart-French

Model: Catarina Correia

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