“Sanagi no yume” by Sara G. Amo

‘蛹の夢 · sanagi no yume’ (japanese, ‘The dream of the chrysalis’) is a visual diary about my childhood dream, traveling to Japan. Since I was a child, I always felt a special connection to the land of the rising sun. I felt more connected to its culture than to that of my birthplace. Over time, I realized that probably my last past life took place there. All my childhood I dreamed of returning to that land. Years later, following the call of my inner child, I fulfilled that dream. It was my first solo journey, and it totally changed my life.

Japan reconnected me with my soul, with my spirituality, with my essence. It showed me the beauty of the invisible, the flow of energy, the stillness of life. Following the song of the cicadas, I took my inner child by the hand, and we traveled together through great cities, towns, temples, mountains, sanctuaries, forests. I felt my spirit expanding with each step, vibrating like never before. When I returned, nothing was the same. Like a chrysalis, I went through a metamorphosis. Transformed, I had become one with my inner nature.

 ‘蛹の夢 · sanagi no yume’ is an invitation to follow the call of your soul, to listen to the voice of your inner child, to fulfill the dreams that you once thought were impossible.

Sara G. Amo


photographer: Sara G. Amo
Web: https://cargocollective.com/saragamoart/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/saragamoart/
Blog: https://saragamoart.wordpress.com/

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