“All about Food” by Seigar

“With this collage series, I want to show my very personal approach to the concept of food. Influenced by surrealism in the form, I expose all the ideas that I connect to food: desire, beauty, rituals, self-confidence, and body image issues. Like in my previous collage works, there is a drama sense almost like life is a stage and some chaos and complexity in the compositions. The use of aesthetic effects such as repetitions, vibrant and saturated colors, and messages helped me to reinforce the statement. For All about Food, I worked with old fashion magazines, a French book of recipes that my sister gave me, and some Spanish recipe magazines. My last focus of interest as a visual artist is to explore the concept of identity, everything that defines us, and I think in this new series, I have once more addressed gender, sexual orientation, and roles. Collage is a form that is letting me to experiment and be free, far from rules and technique limits, I can express myself about topics that interest me. My next collage series is about #Ageism, which deals with the preconceived ideas attached to age and the discrimination it involves. I’m right now working on a new collage series about time and rituals, in this one I may use old cassettes as a metaphor for my infatuation with pop culture. So, now enjoy your meal! All about Food is here!”


Webpage: seigar.wordpress.com
Instagram: instagram.com/jseigar
Galleries: flickr.com/photos/theblueheartbeat/albums

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