Mostre: a Berlino “Rational Absurdity”

(CS) Berlino, 27 novembre 2013 – An alchemist’s composition of two or several heterogeneous elements resulting in their unexpected union due to a will tending -by love or clairvoyance- toward the systematic confusion and derangement (Rimbaud) of all the senses either by chance, or a will favouring chance.
Max Ernst

Beautiful as the chance meeting on a dissection table of a sewing machine and an umbrella

Expressive medium for the contemporaneity of extreme heterogeneities
César Moreno

Absurdity is the notion of contrast between two things. The absurd is born out of this confrontation between the human need and the unreasonable silence of the world.
Albert Camus

Mixing is Creating

Rational Absurdity is an unexpected gathering of collages in an unexpected space. The pieces show different approaches to the art of collage and a common taste for a handmade style that involves scissors and glue and a rejection of digital processing. The concept of this exhibition was built as well using the aesthetics of collage; growing from an initial more simplistic idea and adding more apparently random elements that turned out to work out together perfectly. We also wanted to give a ‘wink’ to some philosophers that theorized about the idea of collage emphasizing the aspect of this art medium as a rational search to find absurdity or an absurd way to express a rational thought.

While Annita Klimt´s two piece black and white collages search for a story to transmit feelings that can not be awaken with a single image, Jorge Chamorro´s pieces play with the unexpected mix of elements that leave you in an uncomfortable state of surprise. Chamorro´s collages make you wonder why, and look for a possible rational reason for such a heterogeneous joining. Sometimes the only possible answer to this is “why not?”. Magerit´s montages seem like visual scripts for the most strange and abstract films, on the other hand Remco Janssen’s work looks like he is decorating or trying to make the things that he finds more to his liking, as if the images were demanding him to do so.

Remco Janssen is a young talented collagist from the Netherlands. He lives and works in Berlin. This is the first exhibition of his work.

Annita Klimt is a multidisciplinary artist from Spain. She combines her collage art with her work as a film producer and cultural editor in Spain. This is the first chance to see her work in Germany.

The Spanish born collage artist and film-maker Javier Magerit has exhibited his work several times in Spain, this will be also his first international exhibition.

Jorge Chamorro is an established name in the world of collage. Recently included in the contemporary collage anthology “The Age of Collage” (Ed. Gestalten, Germany), he has shown his work in solo and group exhibitions in Madrid, Bilbao, Berlin, Amsterdam, Athens and New York and has been published internationally in many occasions.


Circular Culture invites you to the opening of

Rational Absurdity
-A collage exhibition-

Schloss NeuSchweinsteiger

Emserstr. 122/123 Neukölln, Berlin.
Opening 30th November at 20:00
30th November – 16th December de 2013

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