“Beifang” by Andreas Nitschke

Direttamente dalla Germania, oggi ArtAbout vi propone il progetto dell’ artista-collage Andreas Nitschke dal titolo “Beifang” che vuol dire “catture accidentali”.
Inseriamo una breve descrizioni che l’artista ha fornito per spiegare la sua tecnica compositiva:

“Andreas Nitschke is a german based Collage-artist. His work sometimes has a destructive and disturbing gesture but the inviolabilty of each character shines through every picture. His allusions are never cynical although they are often unable to tolarate. His Collages are drastically but with a subtle ironic sense.
His raw material are found photographs from temporary magazines and books. He cuts them out and tape them together (on wood or paper) on a very old-fashioned way without any digital soft-focus, “plastic surgeries” or photoshop. OK, it’s rough stuff sometimes but his Collages mirror the surrounding world of pictures and photographs.”

Copyright Andreas Nitschke


Website: http://andreasnitschke.com

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