Nuovo progetto fotografico su Art About, stavolta a presentarlo è il giapponese Shin Noguchi, street photographer che vive tra Kamakura e Tokyo.

Ecco una sua breve biografia:

Shin Noguchi is a street photographer based in Kamakura and Tokyo, Japan. He describes his street photography as an attempt to capture extraordinary moments of excitement, beauty and humanism, among the flow of everyday life and has a discreet, poetic and enigmatic approach that is sensitive to the subtleties and complexities of Japanese culture without using posed/staged and “no-finder” shot.
He is also a member of the International street photography collective “Street Photographers”.

Those photos are a part of on-going project “SIMULTANEOUSNESS”.

  • 01_20130426_103520.jpg
  • 02_20110716_144340.jpg
  • 03_20130829_144041.jpg
  • 04_20120829_120342.jpg
  • 05_20130426_103033.jpg
  • 06_20120812_124345.jpg
  • 07_20130801_145115.jpg
  • 08_20111224_153825.jpg
  • 09_20110619_150606.jpg
  • 10_20130515_102917.jpg
  • 11_20110326_170219.jpg
  • 12_20120405_124959.jpg
  • 13_20111120_150309.jpg

© Shin Noguchi Photography


website: http://www.shinnoguchiphotography.com/
flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/brownieseyes/
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/shinnoguchiphotos/
collective: http://www.street-photographers.com/



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