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“River” di Fábio M. Roque

ArtAbout vi presenta un interessante shooting realizzato dal fotografo portoghese Fábio M. Roque dal titolo “River”.

Ecco una descrizione del progetto:

River is a photography project where I propose an analysis and reflection to our emotional relationships, and also our relation with the environment.
It is a personal and introspective project, but at the same time I trying to get a reflection by other people about their relationships too. We all have different ways of being, and diferente ways of looking at life.
However, all of us have strong opinions on various subjects and this is what the project attempts to invoke: the same pictures mean something to me, but for the person next to me, can show something completely different. It can be a void full of possibilities or a full that takes us to nowhere. All of us associate some pictures to certain feelings that we already lived.
So River is not one river, could be two, with this duality imposed on the project, see a river and the river of life, for example, but it is not something that I want to explore, I don’t want to describe what I felt minutely, I don’t want the project lose that power to transport us to places already lived.
I mixed different situations, with different ways of take photos, situations that normally never be mixed, and they create environments with some harmony, in which a picture can lead to another, or not, but create environments where we can’t stop ourselves questioning.
Was all this relationship between love/hate, passion/repulsion, dark/light, house/street, black and white/color, everything/anything that resulted this photographic project, where each of us can travel to a common place, and see this story as his.

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Copyright Fábio M. Roque





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