Second Nature di Karina Sherbakova

Oggi vi presenta il progetto fotografico della russa Karina Sherbakova dal titolo “Second Nature”. Lei stessa ce lo descrive così:

This project is named “Second Nature” and the name is to reflect a slight game of words. It means “habit”, but can also be read literary as “another personality that one beholds”. Under the influence of circumstances, society or whatever else, people find their ways of communication. They might need to be more that – less-this to fit into a specific crowd, or just make a certain impression on someone. So we happen to pick a character to represent us, instead of being ourselves, to defend the inner fragility. At some point this mask might just stick to ones face making it hard to define where he starded and what he  really is. I personally don’t think it’s possible to be 100% yourself today no matter what’s happening to you. Everyone happens to negotiate and compromise in life, do and say things we would rather not. But we should always know, who we are, what we want to be and what do we seem to be, and how to keep those in balance.

nastyamag0coverCopyright Karina Sherbakova

nastyamag01Copyright Karina Sherbakova

nastyamag02Copyright Karina Sherbakova

nastyamag04Copyright Karina Sherbakova

nastyamag05Copyright Karina Sherbakova

nastyamag06Copyright Karina Sherbakova

nastyamag07Copyright Karina Sherbakova

nastyamag08Copyright Karina Sherbakova

nastyamag09Copyright Karina Sherbakova

nastyamag10Copyright Karina Sherbakova

Contacts & Credits

Photographer: Karina Sherbakova

Model: Nastya from Lilas model management agency, Moscow

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