Espacio Emocional di Elena Gimeno Dones

Oggi ArtAbout presenta il progetto fotografico di Elena Gimeno Dones dal titolo “Espacio emocional”. Di seguito la descrizione fornita dalla fotografa:

“I just have to say about my childhood home what is necessary to put myself in a position to dream, to put myself on the threshold of a dream where I will rest in my past. […] Then I can expect my page contains some sounds authentic […] It communicates to others only a guidance to the secret, unable to ever say this objectively”.G. Bachelard

The space has memory. It is filled with all the things that happened there. Simply return to a place, even mentally, so that we remember hundreds of images.

The house is our refuge, our first universe. As a poetic image, the house is an element of psychological integration, which survive remembering and forgetting, and it works as a trigger for our memory. Because not only our memories but our forgetfulness are “housed” there. And remembering the spaces we inhabit, to walk the halls, our room, we learn to live in ourselves. Therefore we can say that our relationship with spaces is bidirectional : they are in us as we are in them.

The space contains compressed time.

Each room speaks of a presence, or absence, of joy and sadness. Solitudes living in the same space, that are in us indelible.

I want to follow that trail here. Search my memories. Build them.

The model is an ephemeral point that transcends time. It speaks from intimate silence and remote memory. It is a housing body and a body of dream, memory and imagination.

This “dream house” (as described by Bachelard in his book The Poetics of Space) is more durable than the real house. In that space lived memories are moving to become memories of the imagination. Imagination increases the values of reality.

Espacio emocional 1Copyright Elena Gimeno Dones

Espacio emocional 2Copyright Elena Gimeno Dones

Espacio emocional 3Copyright Elena Gimeno Dones

Espacio emocional 4Copyright Elena Gimeno Dones

Espacio emocional 5Copyright Elena Gimeno Dones

Espacio emocional 6Copyright Elena Gimeno Dones

Espacio emocional 7Copyright Elena Gimeno Dones

Espacio emocional 8Copyright Elena Gimeno Dones


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Photographer: Elena Gimeno Dones

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